Hololens Development

Traditional tools used for collaboration in prototyping and design, such as paper and whiteboards, are limited in dimensionality, space, and speed of supporting an iterative design process. Digital tools like Google Docs and Google Draw, or experimental tools like Co-3Deator address some of these issues, but are usually limited to one type of task, and don’t account for differences in preference or work style between members of a group. Augmented reality provides an opportunity to expand this set of tools to add features that these current tools and collaborative spaces do not account for. But, current commercial AR applications like SketchUp Viewer for HoloLens which allows multiple users to view and discuss their work at once, also tend to be scoped to specific tasks. Additionally, prototyping interactive 3D models, such as AR experiences, is still a challenge.

We propose a system that addresses these challenges by allowing users to make requests to crowd workers within a collaborative 3D design program on the HoloLens. Crowd workers could enable precise changes in holograms or quickly create objects during collaborative sessions in the place of the user, saving time and not interrupting the flow of conversation between several collaborators. They could also assist in prototyping responsive experiences by performing an action or playing an animation on command, simulating an AR application or game. We predict that a system allowing users to propose various functionalities on the fly will lead to more effective collaboration by increasing the flexibility of digital tools while maintaining the ability to easily compile and handle information from multiple sources.

Once completed, we plan to study what types of requests users might make given this sort of system to better understand the specific use cases this system performs best in. Various tests on these collaborative situations will be implemented to determine the impact of the tool, given particular measures for success in collaboration.