Hi, I’m Jaylin!

I'm a first year PhD student at the University of Michigan in Computer Science. I'm advised by Dr. Walter S. Lasecki in the Crowds + Machines (CROMA) Lab. I'm interested in creating Augmented Reality tools for collaborative work.



Posters and Abstracts:

Jaylin Herskovitz, Eyal Ofek, Walter S. Lasecki, Adam Fourney. Opportunities for In-Home Augmented Reality Guidance. In Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2019). Glasgow, UK. [PDF]


Jaylin Herskovitz, Janani Chinnam, Isabelle Wong, Mengyao Liu, Junlin Mo, Sang Won Lee, Walter S. Lasecki. Crowdsourcing for Effortless Creation of Collaborative AR Spaces. In CHI Workshop on Novel Interaction Techniques for Collaboration in VR. Montreal, Canada. 2018. [PDF]

Wizard-Of-Oz Prototyping of Interactions in Augmented Reality

Our work contributes a new approach to supporting rapid prototyping of multi-user systems to the growing field of augmented- and mixed-reality interactions. By drawing on successful methods in 2D UI prototyping, collaborative (and crowdsourced) Wizard-of-Oz support, and cross-platform AR/VR, we introduce a novel system for enabling faster creation of functional prototypes of user experiences in AR. Our system synchronizes a 3D scene between multiple device types, allowing for more complex manipulation of content on devices with more precise input (i.e., a laptop).

Augmented Reality Guidance for Home Improvement Tasks

During my summer at MSR, I worked on a project investigating the potential of head-mounted AR devices for home improvement tasks. This project investigated user performance of both low-level and high-level tasks in this domain. Specifically, we conducted a user study where participants mark points on a planar surface (as if to place a nail, or measure from) guided only by virtual cues. Participants then completed a high-level, multi-step home improvement task (hanging a shelf) using an end-to-end AR prototype system that we developed.

Intelligent Programming Assistants

From October 2016 to September 2017, I worked on a series of projects that aimed to find new ways to assist people with complex tasks, like programming.


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